Saturday, August 13, 2016


Peace in the mist of Change?

 The eclipses are upon us. And this means one thing:

Bowie told us... CHANGES

I've pondered for a long while how to describe what Eclipses can bring. What path that they highlight like one of those big pieces of metal that shoots light in the sky to let you know 'something' is going on, in town.

Or just the inner knowing that 'things' are about to change, because that is the nature of life.  THAT is what is suppose to happen. But....we block it, fear it, resist it, and sometimes crave for our set structures to change.

We are in the 'window' of THREE eclipses........and if you let them guide you combined with your own desire to grow and move forward towards your destiny (not always fun, but sometimes is) then you can co-create with the universe and let the winds of change be your friend.

Not every single eclipse period will alter each person in a 'profound and deep way'.......but like new and full moons they do represent beginnings and endings and all sorts of ideas that you may sit with for a while.

Eclipses also effect the world stage in often DRAMATIC ways.......via  mother earth screaming, heads of state being not so anymore- SUDDENLY........and people making big decisions (moving across country or to another one, changing direction of profession, divorce, marriage, making babies, crisis in health, and going for what you've always wanted but never quite had the courage to do, and making a long long journey- by dropping the body- aka death)......... but what they aren't- is SUBTLE.

They do have a way of getting your attention.

Its an internal thing or an external event that pushes you to look within.

I always say- "the caldron will be stirred'............

Depending on where you are at in your life, and where they fall in your chart, and how you personally respond to change,  all factor into how you will deal with the next six weeks.

In this order:

Lunar Eclipse- 18th of Aug, 26 Aquarius.

Solar Eclipse  1st Sept 10 Virgo

Lunar Eclipse  16th of Sept  25 Pisces  (I will discuss this one next month).

Lets break down the energy......... Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius is about HUMANITY, Electronics, Popularity, Friendships, and how we 'cope' within all of our 'networks'....... its rules groups. What power they have.

Interesting to me- its very very very much tied to USA's public, and the Female ideal of the USA.  Why? This LE sits right on America's moon. I wrote about this last month. And now, we have just nominated for the first time EVER, in 240 years a female for president of the United States. Well, nominated by one of the major parties. The GREEN Party has nominated Dr. Jill Stein several times. This current election is the first time a woman has been nominated and actually will be debating, and have more than a thin chance to win.

 But that's not all that this energy is about. Its also about:

 Wind and the havoc it can cause will likely be in the news. Especially in the fire season. (Aquarius is an air sign).

 ENERGY (electric) is also tied to this eclipse. Black outs might be common. Its also about extreme progressive awareness- so there is the chance for some break through in the medical fields. Maybe a new vaccine that aids the masses. Brilliance is always linked to the Aquarius mind. Abstract art, thinking, and how technology can be our friend, with limits.

Those born with planets near this degree- in Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus are most prone to a sudden shift in the life.  OR if you have this degree in the fixed signs (the ones just mentioned) on a house cusp of 1st/4th/7th/10th.  If you don't know if you do- this is where an astrology reading by a professional is useful.

But in truth the 'shift' is not always unexpected. If you've not taken care of yourself, and you suddenly find yourself in the Emergency Room with an issue or a broken arm, well....... gotta bring it back home and look at the way you are conducting your life. IF the mate suddenly comes home and says: "I want a divorce" and you know you've not been on a date in the last 7 years of your marriage, you shouldn't be surprised. We often go into denial, hoping 'things will improve' without actually doing the improving of ourselves. People are keenly aware of the issues at hand, the eclipses just point them out- BLINDLY to you- pun intended. Or so close and up front that they seem warped out of perspective. And actually, in all fairness, events can be way drama filled when it doesn't always fit the bill.

YET, eclipse also bring- the big opening you've worked SO HARD FOR. The contract to beat all contracts, the love of your life, the CURE, the JOY of letting some horrid habit go.

AND they also---- actually don't 'do' anything..... people's karma (actions) are at work here! The planets just point us to WHERE are attention is needed........then we go to work! (or not).

Sometimes an eclipse can kick into action an event six months BEFORE the actual eclipse has occurred.

Example-  Tim Kaine. The running VP for the Democratic Party- His birthday in Feb 2017....well, there will be a Solar Eclipse ON his birthday in 2017!  I think running for the 2nd top position in the USA fits for a life changing event.

Eclipses are DOOR OPENERS....we must CHOSE to open the door and walk through.

How to feel peaceful when all is so uncertain? How to know that walking through that life changing event is correct?  This really is where the work of growing as a human is involved. Emotional, Physically, and Mentally we are not meant to stay stagnet.

The great thing about change is - everyone is always going through it- one level of it- coming off it-merging into it, or smack dab in the middle of it. So when you are frightened of change- seek out friends who also are in a cycle of it. Like I stated earlier not EVERY ECLIPSE effects EACH person DEEPLY.  Some eclipse pass by with a 'slight' opening for us to make- aka- get out and meet new people coz you are 90 and lots of your friends have crossed over.  Or you are a mother and the young ones have left the nest- you need to 'fill the void'.........

Also with this Aquarius Lunar Eclipse- sometimes we just find our 'goals' in life have changed, and we might be a little lost. Once being 'famous' might of been a dream, now maybe we just want to love the work we do, and have a steady pay check! Or be in a group of fantastic musicians, famous or not. Aquarius is about 'the group' as its tied to the 11th house. So who is YOUR TRIBE, and what do you want to contribute towards that tribe?

The next Eclipse that happens after the one of the 18th is a Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st.

In an earth Sign- Virgo. Its like a new moon with sunglasses on.  If your birthday is around the eclipse period, you are due for a big dose of  THE NEW.  Do not keep doing the same thing if its not working, getting you toward your goals, or bringing you joy. TRY NEW! STRETCH YOURSELF......go outside your comfort zone. GET REAL with the self. Reality check! Because this eclipse is tied in with Saturn (via a square aspect).......ask yourself if you stop success- by how you limit options or tell yourself you 'can't' do something.

The signs that are touched by this eclipse the most are: Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini.......if your personal planets are near the 10 degree.......or like I mentioned above, an angle is.

WORK IT OUT.  Virgo is the working sign. Its also about perfection, health, details, how you worry, your thinking process, planning out in DETAIL and GROWING THINGS....

Great use of this energy- (for us all)  make a PLAN!  Get disciplined. Plant seeds, harvest seeds, share seeds. Ideas are seeds too!

Look at your eating habits. Make constructive changes in how you deal with critical thinking and how you receive criticism.. Are you always looking for what's wrong?

Virgo deals with crops, the harvest, and is also tied to mentor-ship.

This Earth sign eclipse is also linked to Pluto.  USEFUL POWER.  Helping Power.  And how we empower ourselves.

Virgo is very practical. So you can use this energy by cleaning out closets, building one, and helping those who have no sense of power, by being the best role model you can.

Another way we can 'bring peace' to the via the table.  Pot lucks!!!!! Grassroots Glory! Community gardens, etc.  This is the domain of Virgo.......its how to make things 'happen' step by step and not looking too much in the future- looking at today.  What do I have TODAY that is useful to share?

Peace isn't something that happens when our world is 'perfect'.......its something that we 'sit with' in a sunset, a flower, a conversation with a friend, a good meal, a problem solved.

Yes, the world has gone crazy, but we don't have to go along with the crazy vibration.

The eclipses point out some options you might not of thought about.

Its your job to have courage to make the changes YOU need to - to find your center.

Be gone fear, and welcome 'change as a GOOD thing.'

Peace has never been outside of you or me. Its an inside job. And change? that's happening moment by moment- with each inhale and exhale. Your cells are changing, your body is changing all the time. And in a flash the last change is replaced by the next new change. 

The wave doesn't lament that its merged into the ocean, from the shore. Its just an different view from the same oneness.

It is the same with you and change.

 Catch the wave.

 Fly on the air.

 Be still with the Earth.

 Burn away your fears.

Monday, July 04, 2016


Round the wheel we go-HAPPY Birthday AMERICA!

Happy Birthday America!  Another round the wheel we go. The above image is a solar powered Ferris Wheel on Santa Monica Pier. (c.Ted Soqui/Corbis).


Here's another:

Coney Island. (photo c. Alamy)


America is very much a country that loves the past. Tradition. Baked apple pie. Fairs. Fireworks. Barbecues. FOOD. Lots of it.

Today on America's Solar Return- we have a NEW MOON- !  Sun and Moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Mercury (communications)  is also currently in Cancer, as is Venus. (love and values).  And they all fall at the top of the Solar return chart - for America's 240th Birthday. Just six years away from our Pluto return! (America was born with Pluto in Capricorn at 27 degrees 33 mins.  Pluto is all about transformation. Not always welcomed. It usually requires hard labor pains.

Today all that Cancer energy is in opposition to Pluto in the sky. So we are in make-over cycle already. Dig deep- find the strength in softness. I think its actually harder to be kind than to be ego filled. (aka - me- me- me). Kindness forces us to put our needs on the back burner, sometimes. Not always. Our natural state is usually to think about what is easy for us to do. How to make progress- the easy way. How to make profit the easy way. How to win, without sweat.  America's greatness WAS always based on hard working, right action, progressive thinking. Its not that we don't have those values at all  in our current cultural environment, we do.  Its just they've been modified with an urge to the quick path of riches with the motto- 'don't make it to last'. That's rather funny- to me- as Pluto which is so important in America's chart- is in LONG LASTING CAPRICORN.  Where and when did we switch to the fast lane?  Around 2000.  Just about when the internet was starting to find its way into our living rooms. Around the time that we began to invent at such a speed, as to create a new commerce market.

America has always been about communications- we have Mars in Gemini.(fast talkers!). We have the best phone lines (well, when people USED mainline phones) in the world. Pick up the phone- and there was always a dial tone. This isn't the case around the world. Unless you travel outside of America, to less flowing in the dough countries, you wouldn't experience this awareness.

So, since Pluto is coming back around to its home place in six years, and Saturn (structure/past)  is currently opposite America's Mars, (action) will we take a look at our product in plastic, not made to last industries? I do hope so!

If you think that I am over reaching on my perspective that NOTHING is made to last anymore- I invite you find among your consumerism, items that still work after 10 years. The 'new' and better version is out on the market faster than one can even unpack the current one.

 Mind you, I do not join the ranks in this new is needed now attitude. As a matter of fact, my car is still STEEL, (27 years old and still going at 250k miles on the SAME engine, doesn't crumble in a fender bender), my mainline Uniden phone is going on 30 years and doesn't get 'hot' or pour radiation into my head, my Epson printer is 18 years old and JUST recently gave me trouble. This is when I began truly seeing how just about everything is made to fail, fairly soon.

 How? I made a trip to Staples, was told that no, there aren't any 'just printers' out there now, and as a matter of fact, now, companies make their profits via 'service' money (repairs) and ink sales! Its actually become an ink business more than manufacturing printers.

 I'd advise you to HOLD ON to all your still working products, pre -2000, and just get them repaired- as unless we get a grip on all this electronic waste there is going to be some serious landmine issues. Granted I have lots of Capricorn in my chart, so I do see the benefit in having products that actually out live the latest tabloid headlines, but my reasons are grounded in not only thrift, but thinking about the planet! And that brings me back to a-ME-rica.  (its not a typo).

We are in growing pains! And its going to be painful for a while. Unless we get a grip on the gun control thing, and the fact that YES,  femaleS CAN lead the country, and gasp, likely WILL. Ever think twice about having two men on the Presidential ticket? No. Is America ready for two females on the ticket? YES! Wouldn't that be progress? YES, it would. It would be better than solar power. It would be moon power. Is it going to happen in 2016? Maybe. Maybe not- but when it does we won't blink about it, because- we will grow into it. The time has come to see that yes, it is a gender issue, when a country is 240 years old and still has never had a female lead this country. Last I checked, the work force is filled with woman.

 But the other reason this is going to come sooner than later, is because transiting Uranus, which rules 'progressive' is in a sextile (easy) relationship with  America's natal Moon as of two days ago! It will cross over that spot several more times- Aug 26th, and later in 2017. The moon in  the chart of a country represents not just the 'ideal female' but the public. And America's ideal female is a trail blazer. She's out spoken, she's free, and she'll drive herself wherever she damn well pleases, and if that is straight up Pennsylvania Avenue, then move over, because she's NOT slowing down for anyone. 

I am not making a prediction for a Hilary win, as I am terrible at predicting the presidential race, I don't want to jinx it. 

What else is going on in this birthday chart for America?

Our relationship with the rest of the 'family' of the world needs adjustment. We are America, and that means we have the lovely statue of liberty declaring to the world: 

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

So let us all work on opening our hearts and living up to that creed that the world takes us to mean in action, not just words.

This month of July is all about tapping into compassion, loyal, and divine LIVING. Be loyal not to your country, be loyal to being a divine human. Venus moves into Leo on the 11th, Mercury follows on the 13th. Words from the heart must have meaning, by being practiced in the day to day. Being the King or Queen of the world means nothing if you aren't in the love vibration. Be the Queen of your castle by being LOVING, Kind, and a leader of compassion with a plan!

This is the last month that Mars will be in Scorpio~ so take that deep driven energy and create more depth in your vision, manifest more VASTNESS to see all as ONE.

 This month of July will continue to be intense and full of me vs them energy as long as we don't take in the bigger picture.

 What America do you want to create and be known for? The one alone and with gates that say: DO NOT ENTER, or with open arms and a lantern held high for those that are lost to see their way.  Just like making products that LAST, let us each make a  America that leaves a lasting loving impression on the world we live in. 

Happy 240th America, may you combine progressive and historical values of compassion, individualism, freedom, pragmatic idealism, to reach the summit of love.



photo credit- santa monica ferris wheel-c. Ted Soqui/Corbis

photo credit- Coney Island ferris wheel-c.  Alamy

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Crazy June~Science ExPERIMENT

The image above is what Irish Oats look like sealed in a tin for a few years.  Spontaneous melted strangeness. Chemical reaction. Very bizarre. June will be like that tin. OR like this:

Crazy GO~KART PAINTBALL WARFARE (aka creative fun)

 The sun has moved into Gemini. Venus is in Gemini. The sign of the twins. Multiple twins. Gemini energy on its own is multi-TAXING........ then you realize that Jupiter is square to that energy, so even more choices on the table...pass the WHAT? WHAT IS THAT? I AM NOT EATING THAT!  (picky Jupiter in Virgo). Too many choices make for crazy. Antidote?  Saturn to the rescue. Sort of.  Saturn is in Opposition to the Gemini energy this month- holding tight the rope to keep it taunt so that you don't droop downwards. Look at all the choices, but stick to the one that allows you the most freedom. Cast your net far and wide. You will need to cover your bases. Keep your options OPEN.

Then just when you were sure you'd figured it out, Neptune pops into this mess. And yes, its going to be a kaleidoscope dream machine mess. Neptune is always flying high, but in June she turns retrograde (on the 13th) so she'll need to go inward to discover the compass. This isn't going to be an easy journey. You'll get lost. You'll get found. You find out you liked being lost. Confusion sometimes leads to peace, because if you 'don't know' you aren't held responsible in the same way. Neptune will be in a square to Gemini as well. Its in a battle with Saturn too. And that is a stand off like being in the Jungle and not knowing WHERE THE ENEMY IS. Is it my imagination? Or is it real? Did I really DO THAT, SAY THAT, WISH FOR THAT? Or - am I doing some crazy time travel? 

Basically we have a grand cross going on for June. In the signs that are shape-shifter. What you see isn't limited to what you get. It can be mentally exhausting dealing with so much changing points of view. 

So give yourself lots of time out. You will need it to figure out the cross word puzzle that is your life.  I KNOW THERE IS ANOTHER WORD (choice) HERE! What is the MEANING OF THIS?

Lots of planets are still doing the looking over the shoulder thing. (retrograde). As a matter of fact- the only ones that have moved into forward motion from the five retro May planets are Jupiter and Mercury. And Mercury moves into her own sign- Gemini- on the 12th. Ideas will flow- its pin pointing them to the zig zag motion of the hummingbird that's going to be difficult. Finishing the novel will seem and be impossible. Closing the deal~~ lots of back and forth- almost - maybe- kinda- can we discuss this some more?  Call me back. In July, when I might know what I want. But I might change my story -again.

June 29th Mars stations direct. LORD HAVE MERCY. I might get something done! Mars is still in Scorpio- and this re-entry (on the 27th of May)  was very high profile in the News: Glorious Harambe, the Gorilla, was Shot at the Zoo, Killer Bees sting a man in Arizona to death, and a movie star has a ugly divorce to deal with (Depp). He's a Gemini, btw. Say a prayer for all the Gemini's you know- they likely feel like Gumby right now. Getting all twisted inside with how things are not exactly going as they'd wished /planned for. Try to help them GET grounded. This is NOT the time to escape into altered states of mind-set. You must simply take control of the baton and lead the Orchestra through Mozart - Requiem in D minor~ here...give it a listen:

Theme song for June

It's going to be a complicated month. Jigsaw puzzle energy. Sometimes that can be fun, sometimes its frustrating. We will see both in June.

The best way to deal with this schizoid energy is have no attachments to the outcome and stay with your humor.  Think of life as a circus. Some shows are slap stick funny, others are dangerous acts. Seek out comic relief.

 There is a second Sagittarius full moon- (a blue moon)...on the 20th...this one is at the last degree of Sag. The one that happened in May was in the first degree. Whatever you started then can be finished now. Summer Solstice glides us into Cancer energy @ 3:34PM PDT on the same day as the Full Moon. Maybe the cycle of beginning a new season can bring some nourishment.

You might want to just toss that Science project though- somethings just don't pass the test- learn to RELINQUISH them.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


look back in joy (enjoy).

Its time to look at the past in order to advance into the NOW. Actually, the past and present can become (and are) one anytime we make that our focus. THE NOW, is each breath. THE NOW, is all you have. THE NOW- IS NOW. Yet, its all cumulative. You don't get to the next lesson without completely incorporating the material that you just digested. You have to fully own it. Then it dissolves into your DNA. Think of it as not allowing the meal you just ate to reach points of reinforcement before adding even more food into the system. It would clog everything and what was meant to 'feed' you would begin to poison you from overload. Information acts in the same way. Our heads are always full of 'stuff'- but how much of it is really understood, at the core? How can you 'let go' before you've held something long enough to find the insight in it?  The hidden clue to deepening your soul self.

As you read - keep reminding yourself that NOW is all that matters. Be that present in each breath. YES, astrology is a great tool for understanding the past, and planning the future. But, with five planets doing the back flip shuffle........ you'll learn a great deal about your motives/needs/desires if you understand what came before this moment of now. So, don't HANG in the past forever, but do look in the rear view mirror to asses what strengths you've developed because of the PAST. Also look to what strengths you have that keep you from taking risks. Because risk is what keeps the game of life exciting. RISK is where you push yourself to a place of non-knowing in order to be more than you are right now- in this now.

Prince just left the body. He was the forever risk taker! Man, am I glad he took the risks he did! He was a mirror for all of us- to go past the place of 'conforming comfort'~~ push yourself. Bowie too! All these magical HARD WORKING creative souls leaving us. But also- leaving with us- a reminder that to take RISKS can be the greatest thing! Sure we need some people to keep to the 'road'....... not venture off the path..... hold the ship down with the anchor. (SATURN).... YET... who do we celebrate world wide?  THE RISK TAKERS!!!!!!!  Because they are BRAVE. And a little part of YOU wants to be BRAVE TOO.

So- here we are with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in reverse motion. Makes your head turn like a scene from some horror movie! Let's break this down.

Pluto: its all about power. YOUR biggest 'power' is to 'know thy self'. Its to plug into what resources you have. Pluto is tied to underground- the depths. Pluto ruled people- are only interested in the bottom of the ocean, surface fluff is just junk to them. Give me the 'goods'- bottom line- real deal or give me death says Pluto.  You have to kill your fears to know your strengths. How do you 'kill fears'?  Simple- face them. Look them right in the eye. Example: Ramana Maharishi (realized saint from India) had a crippling fear of death- that he faced as a teenager. The result of facing his own death- lead him to become more alive and to have zero fears. AKA- FREEDOM. List your fears. Face your fears. You will find they are just a movie playing in your head of 'what if?'..... We are all going to leave the body one day. No one gets here without that in the contract. So make peace with it. Discover what 'death' is to you. Believe me- there are many people who are already dead, and they won't be leaving the body for decades.

Saturn: Its all about structure, the rules, and responsibilities. Saturn in its negative manifestation is fearful and bossy. In its strength it takes everything step by step and builds the Taj Mahal. Look where you need to STOP and review the blue print of your life. What material (s) give you sustenance. This will be different for everyone. Some people need ten zillion dollars in the bank- others raid the piggy bank for the food for the day and smile while finding more than they thought. Where do you need to give yourself more STRUCTURE? At the same time- can you let open one side of the play pen? Make a list of three great strengths you have developed. Make a list of three that you WISH to develop. For example: I am great at keeping loyal customers, but I need to do more outreach and planning to gather new ones. Building a base and add to it. Have you limited your audience?

Jupiter: The give me more and more planet until I suddenly see that my plate IS full, but I am WASTING food, because I can't possibly eat all of this before it goes bad! Jupiter retrograde can make us 'regret lost promise'.  Nothing is ever lost. It goes into the 'lessons learned' category. To not learn from your RISKS-that don't pan out is to waste them. There is valuable information there. BIG CLUES.Use Jupiter retrograde to do a course correction. Don't just keep driving around lost, wasting gas. STOP. CHECK OUT THE MAP (your deepest calling and development tools) and regroup! If you are still overwhelmed with not knowing the correct direction in you life- meet up with like minded souls for tea and slim cake and encourage a round table of ideas and expand your contact list. Utilize your GOODWILL- clear out the closets! This automatically will draw to you 'fill up the void' blessings. Do a review of your beliefs. Did you forget about 'ask and thou shall receive?' ~ divine inspiration is as much of a gift as anything else! May 9th Jupiter stations DIRECT! That means- blessings start to kick in!

Mars: Back flip mania. How do you use your energy? Do you spend more time in 'regret' and forget about having a rebound success? The action planet in reverse is perfect for revamping your key 'source' of energy. GET TO THE GYM! Ask yourself how you physically 'hold yourself back'. Do you really give 100 percent to your out put? Or, if its not 'easy' do you give up too soon? In our world of instant everything, the word 'practice' has been lost. Practice makes you a master. Nothing else does. Sorry, those are the rules. There is no way that you can short cut experience. EVEN if you are born great at something, to take it to the next layered level is to push yourself (Jupiter) to be even BETTER- and that means to make effort. Check out how you've 'used' your life force so far. Do you play fair with your own energy? For example- if I am a dancer, and I never eat- I won't have the fuel needed to get through the first act, much less to the finale. So, I review what foods give me the most stamina, but also keep my body at a weight I need it to be to have my partner lift me over his head. Practice Practicality.

Mercury: Me oh my...yes, its that time again. Several times a year the mental planet makes everyone touched by his degree of retrograde a big bonkers. This time its at the 23 degree of Taurus. "CHECK IS IN THE MAIL"... For three weeks- what you 'planted' might be delayed and or just not bloom into what you imagined. Perhaps someone isn't paying attention and they put the wrong seeds in the package! Taurus rules money, art, flowers, and beauty. Two or three minds may get in your head unable to 'decide' exactly what it is that you love. OR what you love will ONLY do and nothing else- I don't 'care' if a late frost killed the tulips! I feel for all the Weddings being planned right now. The arrangements of the flowers will change, as will the costs! Keep it simple, and be flexible. Great use of this retrograde period is to review your values. What you think you can't live without, just might not mean a thing to you once mercury goes direct. So, keep your stubborn vibration in check. Best use is to rework all make overs with a slow comb. Mercury stations direct on May 22nd. So its just a few weeks that we have to endure everyone else messing up! Cross your t's , dot your i's and TRIPLE check all paperwork/contracts/ and assumptions!

So lets blend the retrograde cake up into one sentence: LOOK back and enjoy the process of being able to review, rewrite, regroup, relax, and rejuvenate your life's direction!

If you don't like the "YOU ARE HERE" place- NOW is the time to change it.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Spring forward~ Stop~and HOLD

Its Spring! Just into the blooming season here in the Northern Hemisphere. So much potential. The Sun is in Aries and so is Mercury, and Uranus.

New starts. Fresh ideas. HOPE. We begin again the cycle of possibilities.

The round of Solar and Lunar Eclipses have just finished. They are never really 'done' as they push some towards new goals, relationships, and life situations. Each time a faster moving planet (Mercury, Venus, or Mars) crosses over that sensitive point it opens up the chance to implement the strengths and changes that the eclipses presented. Whatever house the eclipses fell in has another layer of information added to it.

These Eclipses were at 19 Pisces, (New Moon) and 4 Libra. (Full Moon).

Where these degrees fall in your chart is the highlighted area. If a personal planet is near one of these degrees- the astro message is -  SUPER strong: "change- or be changed" is what the symbolic shout out is.

 People pretty much know where they need to get real, improve, take a chance, and or grow. Very rarely are we blind to how we need to mature. The eclipses help us to have the courage to make changes- as they often usher into our lives circumstances that provide the stimulate to do so.

 For example- the Solar Eclipse falls in your 1st house of self- (the body). You've not taken good care of your body. Suddenly at a check up your doctor tells you - that if you don't stop with the sugar, you will be diabetic in the future. SO..... being smart- you make diet changes. You are pro active. You don't wait for the 'trigger' point of the eclipse to happen and ignore the doc's advice..... Because the second time around (the trigger point) usually is a MUCH BIGGER NOTICE...(information that you can't ignore without suffering the consequences). The energy is such that - first there is a get your attention flag... if you see the flag - do something about it. The second and sometimes third flag is usually much more difficult to deal with then the first.

Eclipses also bring WANTED change. They bring the 'big stuff'. Marriage, Birth, Job changes, Health issues, Fame, and even death. But death is really happening all the time in smaller cycles. Just like the seasons. And now we are in Spring season.

CELEBRATE the births that are possible in your life. The ones that the eclipses made you aware of.

We have lots of fire energy in the sky right now. Not just Aries, but Mars the ruler of Aries is also in a fire sign, Sagittarius.  Mars LOVES movement- and fast movement is the best! But we have a different song playing out in the month of April; the background beat of RETROGRADES. I want to speak in depth about the use of retrograde periods- because by the end of April there will be FIVE planets in retrograde motion!

We will start with the planets that are currently retrograde, Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is the planet of how you relate to others- the way you 'believe' or how you view religion. The part faith plays in your life (or not). Jupiter also deals with the law, higher education and luck. Its a big planet. Jupiter doesn't like to be limited in ANY way. Its currently in Virgo moving backward at 15 degrees.

Saturn is about the long haul. It is what we fear that we are not 'enough' of. Saturn also deals with 'the rules' and contracts. Saturn is known as father time. Its also not the most flexible planet, but that's because of the need for boundaries. Saturn rules our bones and teeth. Saturn is currently in Sagittarius at 16 degrees and retrograde.

 Jupiter just did combat with Saturn.

 Jupiter says: "My Uncle is smarter and richer than your Daddy". Well, "my Daddy is more RESPECTED and FAMOUS than your Uncle"...says Saturn. Venus stepped in and reminded both of these over blown egos that SHE the GODDESS OF LOVE  reigns!  At 20 Pisces she currently is the most beloved, because of her developed COMPASSIONATE view towards ALL, rich or poor, famous or unknown.

So, Jupiter sat down (taking lots of space) and reviewed what she said.

Not to be out done, Saturn STOOD TALL and pondered what she said.

They are both smart. They are both to be respected; they stopped and listened. REVIEWED THE SITUATION at hand. Deliberated what they had to offer. What was the best course of action. How they could be more helpful, useful, optimistic and true to their life's path.

Was more study needed? Perhaps returning to school might be a good idea. Maybe I don't know it all~ yet... thought Jupiter. Maybe I could deepen my faith, and not be so arrogant. And hey, my waist line is getting a bit LARGE...might I do something about that............

Saturn realized maybe he'd limited himself as well, but in the other direction- not PLAYING enough! Maybe I need to lighten up a bit. Have some serious FUN, instead of BEING so serious all the time. Maybe there was more to life than "FAME" and "STATUS". Maybe I might help someone from another country, whose never known the comfort of three meals a day. I could volunteer and perhaps give my time someone UP the ladder instead of just climbing it myself....

And so it goes.

This is how we use retrograde periods. Review. Examine. Debate within what is needed to become a deeper person. A deeper human being. How we can be the best we can be.

On April 17th MARS turns retrograde at 9 degrees Sag. He'll be in reverse movement until June 29th. He returns to SCORPIO on May 27th.

Mars in Scorpio is some very very intense energy.  NO SHADES OF GRAY.  ALL SUMMER SCORPIO will dominate.

 Interesting to me, that at Los Angeles County Museum of Art there is a show of Mapplethorpe's work.


 He was about as Scorpio as it gets. And he was partner to a Scorpio born on the same day as he! No boring moments in that household.

He was driven. And also very self destructive. At the same time he was a creative maverick. Not everyone was happy about his work. He photographed the darkest elements of the roaring sexual underground gay world of s/m in the early 90's.  This is some heavy stuff. Dark compulsions intertwined with taboos being brought to the day of light. Scorpio is a truth seeker. Some truths people would rather not know. But, if you pretend its not there- it doesn't go away- it just becomes an ingrown - element, that still lives.

He was a conflicted man, who chose not to HIDE. Brave. Especially, when you know what you reveal will not be enjoyed or understood by the masses. Point being- most people do not understand the relationship of pain and pleasure that exists for a limited group of humans. They want this for themselves. Its the darker side of Scorpio energy-this extreme energy. But not any darker than the happiness some feel when another suffers. That's the same vibration. And since Mars will be traveling in Scorpio all summer- and RETROGRADE... makes me wonder if we have an astrologer on staff at LACMA, or...if like always- "as above, so below". He also photographed flowers in their beauty. He was a complex man, who helped America see its hateful side, by all the ugly energy that surfaced in the REACTIONS to his work. Its a loaded area - but that is what Scorpio is all about- the light and the dark= the extremes.

On the election front - Mars in Scorpio will make things very very very pitched battle front. It will get ugly.

Trump and his followers will only get more out there with the hate mantra. Brace yourself. Pretending that hate isn't in America won't make it go away. Shedding light on it is part of America's needed maturity.

Retrogrades are- and always have meant- to LOOK WITHIN.

Where are you holding anger? How can you transform it to something POSITIVE. Use the Mars retrograde period to scan where you have held so tight to 'your beliefs' that no longer is it about 'faith' but its about 'righteousness'. Winning at all cost- sometimes just isn't winning at all. Review for yourself, if you won anything that really matters. Only you will know.You are your own judge, and jury. You have to live with yourself. Make sure you are happy with your winnings. And don't cheat! Because if you do- when Mars is in Scorpio- you'll be found out.

On April 18th (the day after Mars stations retrograde) PLUTO goes retrograde! Its in Capricorn at 17 degrees.

Lots of 'hidden' energy in these retrograde dynamics..... Pluto loves to hide. Transform the energy by digging out your power trips and letting them go. The ones you give to others- the ones you put on yourself. The only real power is the mastery over our bad habits. What habits work against your better well being? Shed some light on them. Dig them out. Be free of them.

THEN.........we still aren't done........

MERCURY turns Retrograde on April 28th!!!

I take it back.........mercury screams..........I didn't mean it........erase my signature! give me back my endorsement! I want a refund!

All in all........... this is the time to move forward, and yet- simply push that pause button when you feel unsure. Listen to the wind, be silent, and still. And you will KNOW, when and what to release or keep. IF you feel unsure about things, people or moves, just wait until the urge to take action once again comes over you from within.

No one can stay on toe forever, so don't try. What goes up, must come down, let it.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


micro is the macro = oneness

Oneness. Everyone wants it- even if they don't realize that they want it. The urge to be all in the nothingness. Its called: 'the zone' ~ 'bliss' ~'awareness' ~empty but full.

Watch this you tube video for a few minutes to prepare your mind to open to the depth of what Neptune ONENESS is. Because 'words' really can't do it justice. Words never are a substitute for direct experience.

everything is in everything

YOU are everything in the Universe. The Universe is just a 'reflection' of what your thoughts are. This is why when you think of 'buying a red car'....all you see is 'red cars are everywhere!'  YOU can fill in the blank of that statement.  Look for good, you will find good in the world. Look for evil - there it will pop up all around you. This is why the mystics say we create our reality.

Today is OSCAR night in Hollywood. (or "Hollyweird" as we call it here)....  And its a perfect night for it!  As above so below... THE SUN is in Pisces and its completely merged with Neptune in Pisces.  Neptune rules the film world....and also many other areas...but right now I want to speak not about the 'movies' that get a gold statue, I want to speak on the REAL (UNREAL) movie- the one you create called: YOUR LIFE.  I'll explain why I say "unreal" at another time. But its a bit of the dissolving effect theory I have about life in general. Meaning- do you remember the 'movie' of your life say this exact time and day last year? So how 'real' is it= NOW? Its merged into the oneness of your life.

TODAY is- wake up and smell the sweetness time. Or its snap out of it- get a grip- and say your words loud- do not, I repeat- do not fall off the stage!  And if you by chance do, just pick yourself up - and put on that SMILE to win the gods' favor, and keep on walking........putting the past 'falls' - where they belong-evaporated to nothingness.

 When THE SUN and NEPTUNE merge we can take it higher - just like the song.....(Donna Summers was it?) .......... or we can go the other extreme- the pit of pity and dispare. Well, sometimes you do have to repeat a grade, or lesson, that is a fact. But keep it positive- and learn something for Pete's sake! (or your own).

This Sun conjunct Neptune isn't just in 'effect' for one day.....its a wave that will merge into the next, just like the video I posted. If you watch that dissolving long enough it can take you to the place of 'no thoughts'..... which is a mighty fine place to be. Why?  A BLANK CANVAS is a very full place - anything is possible!  Then you are receptive to the divine message of what of anything and everything. Everyone gets a different one. But the thing I do know- whatever language you speak- that's the language of the message. Full of negative energy- you can't attract the blooming scent of a field of flowers................ so what do you wish for your movie to be? Sweet or Sour?

You are the writer. You are the star player. BUT...... you are not 'the doer'..... the oneness energy can work though you.... and then...that's magic movie making - !  Its a bit of a contradiction. You do by not doing. I'm not talking being a couch potato. 

Do, but forget what you do. Let the merit of it go. Make effort - but surrender. NEPTUNE DISSOLVES. So allow the dissolving of ego- so you can experience oneness and have some peace. If you do will learn by direct experience how marvelous non-doing is ! How productive it is!  RIGHT now- this month is a great time -especially this week and the next.

 With Mars in the last degrees of Scorpio - no one will want to sit still- and certainly not when it gets to Sag on the 5th of March! So finish up the extreme plan, so that you can gallop through those flower scented fields~ seeking true freedom. (peace within). Mars will spend only two months in Sagittarius before returning to 'burn baby burn' Scorpio. These last days of Mars in Scorpio (for now) will be INTENSE. PASSIONS will rein deep and with FEELING.  Time periods to be aware of:

Feb 20th-29th

June 5th- June 17th

July 12th- July 25th.

They are all tied together.......first pass an idea might come, second pass you give it a go and hash out the issues, third pass its final-settled.  Think of it as a works in progress that is both innovated and like nothing you've ever done- and also scary as hell, because its outside of your comfort zone. Pay attention to people who you meet during these periods. Some people will exit suddenly. LET THEM GO. IF you can't find a meeting place- that means the work is done. Don't try to make weeds a juice drink- unless you like the bitter in life. Try to think in holistic terms, not just individual ones. If you have planets in the 20-28 degrees of LEO, Aquarius, Scorpio, or special attention to these periods. But we all need to keep our eyes on the road right now and especially during the above dates. They are bring life changing events to you- if you are willing.

THE ECLIPSES are coming.........and that will show us much we really are just players on a stage.... the scenery is going to be changing. AND so....... prepare to shift the views...towards acceptance.  Rain? get an umbrella...........or an OM BRELLA..... (actually there is a site to buy OMBRELLAS)......OM is the sound of all of creation....and we do need to tap into that sound vibration.... its your heart beat. Its the birds singing....the the hum of the tide in and out. It NEVER STOPS. You can always take the test over. But you might also decide to take a different test.

What was going on March 1997?


Put the period at the end of the sentence of that cycle. Start a new story.

Make it, just like your 'movie' one that you'd enjoy reading. If you are aware of the importance of compassion, then make it one that MOST would enjoy reading!

The Solar Eclipse is 19 degrees Pisces and its on March 8th. If this is your birthday- it will be like none other. Graduation. Dress acorrdingly and don't forget your speech notes. Dare to INSPIRE.

Spring is coming on the 19th of March @ 9:31 PM PDT...that is when the sun enters ZERO ARIES... which is a major point in the world of astrology- its the FAME point. Its where we reach the masses. Not everyone has the 'karma' of fame.... but the day of this point is sensitive, and so its wonderful to set some new goals for the 'spring year'.... its an excellent time to make your INTENTION known.....plant the them grow- be BRAVE. FEARLESS.

  On the 20th of March, Venus will hold hands with Neptune~ both in Pisces...romantic to say the least..........remember what I stated at the beginning of this post-?  ONENESS. Venus with Neptune is the love struck poet that bravely shares his/her soul and heart with the beloved...can not help but do so!.....there is no separation.....and in that space of ALL- is the bliss. This blending can be a work of art, a soulmate, love for a pet, for the entire kingdom of life, a sense of being the color in a flower~~the pollen~~the scent~~and awareness of the delicate nature of sheer beauty. Its very intimate and a special paring. Sometimes this love is felt deepest when saying goodbye. Oddly, sometimes the most loving act is to let go. An ending sometimes makes us aware how much and deep we love. It can also be expressed as pure devotion.

It is a merging that comes but once a not let it pass without declaring your love for the self as well as another...and allow your love to pour like a never ending waterfall. This isn't 'passion' this is compassion, where you forget the self.

Spend some time in Nature the weekend of the 18th-20th if at all possible! 

Life is a miracle. Every breath is as well; breath deeply, inhale the sweetness of life, exhale your fears and above all~ remember that the air we breath is given freely and for all.....the gift of ONENESS is there in every breath.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


bioscope watching

A long long time ago- movies were called: Bioscopes. 

Sounds funny now doesn't it? 

One day people will say: "A long long time ago, there lived a man who created such an amazing body of work. He went by the name "Ziggy Stardust". But only for a while. Then he morphed into other personas. He made movies. He produced other artist's work that weren't in the mainstream. He refused to be put in a box, he was after all from Mars. In the start of it all people thought he was just strange. But by the end of his life, a mere sixty-nine years later, he was seen as a Hero. He even sung about that too! Way before his leaving the body! He was all knowing in many ways. 

The world said "Travel well Mr. Bowie, become one with the stars". What a role model he was! 

Then a few days after he joined the stars, more 'stars' joined him! In one week the planet earth people said good-bye to Bowie, Rene Angelil, Alan Richman, and Glenn Frey. 

That was mind blowing. That so many great artists would cross over during the same period. I think its going to continue. That many of the 'greats in the arts' will leave the earth this year.

Saturn which rules the long lasting and in the sign of Sagittarius -across the globe fame- is in a square to Neptune in Pisces. The latter rules the music/art world. 

We are just six weeks away from the Solar Eclipse in Pisces at 19 degrees. Venus was at this degree in the sign of Sag, when the ushering out of the greats started. Solar Eclipses bring change that touches the "global family"........ and we certainly saw the out pouring of love and thank you for being you- and farewell...during the first month of 2016. 

All this saying good-bye made me more aware of how important it is to pay close heed to father time. The clock is always ticking, but we become relaxed about it. Never giving consideration to the fact that our time on Earth is limited. No matter what your age.  

Our lives are like a movie. A bioscope. So do some watching of the footage you've already created, and what more you'd like to leave on your very own personal home movie. Don't be so casual about your life that you never give a thought to what you really want to do or say-  DO IT RIGHT NOW- today! LIVE FULLY!

On Jan 25th, Mercury the trickster will station direct at 15 degrees Capricorn. On the 29th Mercury will pass over Pluto for a second time - by conjunction. The first pass being on the 22nd. This is a 'serious sort of mood' kind of day. TAP into what was going on for you around the 22nd. What needs to be given up? Or SET IN CEMENT? What 'script' can we now live out in our lives instead of doing the re-run in our head of the pros/cons? Mercury-Pluto is DECISIVE action. The week 22nd-29th, is a period that should of pointed clearly to you- what of major importance is going on-in communications with others, with your own mental process- and how you can play detective and discover where you wish to find TRUTH. What is your truth? And hey, who poisoned the water in Flint,Michigan. Whose gonna PAY for THAT? HOW TO FIX IT?  Then on the 31st...we will close the first month of the year with Mercury in a square to Uranus... so I think ... a big surprise, that no one likes is coming. That is with the water issue in Michigan and with more bizarre weather patterns. 

But we will get through this. 

And happy times will come in 2016. 

They are here now. They are in every moment that you can grasp them. How to grasp them? Grab the one you love and HUG HUG HUG. Send silly love songs via the internet. Try out that crazy idea of a screen play...and just learn how to PLAY! Allow yourself some playtime.

The first week in February offers some chances to discover and  declare your love! This isn't limited to 'people'. We have moved into Aquarius - humankind and the 'collective' Mars will sextile Pluto- and that's a major mojo of movement towards what you can manifest. Its  super-solver dynamite energy - ! Mars is still in Scorpio- and Pluto rules Scorpio, so you've got some GREAT support for tapping into unlimited resources. This is - touchdown energy! Navy Seal, Bionic, Superman force.  Bet Hillary manages something marvelous this week. The actual day of the sextile is Feb 3rd. It will be felt a few days before the exact event. Apply for that GRANT! Plan to 'present' your concepts for consideration this week! Then on the 6th of Feb, Mercury will trine Jupiter. This is a flowing aspect. It helps you review your 'belief systems' and how you relate to others. Where can you create healthy contracts that match your ideology and also increase your awareness? What 'study' would benefit you now? Are there any 'tests' that you need to re-take? Re-do the website! Add a new button. Reach out to a different sort of organization that might be interested in your idea. Maybe its even one that turned it down- but hey, you did a re-do on it - so resubmit. Host a study group. Start a book club. READ! Put down the iphone and pick up a BOOK.

On Feb 8th, the Chinese New Year- we get a new animal... THE MONKEY! 


The monkey is indeed rebellious. He was, according to the story, born out of a rock, fertilized by the grace of Heaven and Earth. Being extremely intelligent, he has learned all the magic tricks and gongfu from an immortal Taoist master. Now he can transform himself into seventy-two different images such as a tree, a bird, a beast of prey, or an insect that can sneak into an enemy's body to fight him or her inside out. Using clouds as a vehicle, he can travel 108,000 miles at a single somersault."

Read more here:

The story of the Monkey King 

 It also reminds me of Hanuman. This great Monkey was the servant and devotee of Rama. Hanuman represents one pointed devotion to divine. Since we are going to be entering the year of the Monkey let us find where to place our devotion. Let it develop into unwavering strength. In the Hindu faith, Hanuman is the protector....... he will protect the righteous. 

We all protect ourselves with right action. Help Ever Hurt Never.

And we help most, by being loving to ourselves first, and then to others. 

Venus which rules love will be in Capricorn until the 16th of February. She will make aspects to Pluto, then Uranus, then Jupiter. The mountain journey of love will call for trying a new path in February. Valentine's day won't be all chocolate and roses. It will more likely be- a major readjustment in love. Many couples will part ways. Some will find the middle ground after very deep discussions. What has been hidden or not spoken about, will be. The 'love day' has a way of making it painfully clear where you stand or don't stand in someone's heart. It shouldn't be about a 'day' and most of the time- its really not. When you have the entire world focused on 'love' for a day, when its missing it becomes painfully obvious and often leads to seeing what really is/or isn't there. It has not a thing to do with chocolate- but with where your intention and motivation is. We have a quarter moon on Valentines day this year- in the 29 degree of Taurus. That is the degree of endings. So, 'If love isn't being served, its time to leave the table'. 

You won't be crying for long though! Venus makes a smiling sextile to Saturn on the 29th of February.  As we say goodbye to February, all ends well. Its a leap year and you'll be able to jump into a new movie....a love story worth telling of your own making, with a happy ending!

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